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Mugger Co.
Production Identity, Branding for a small Dropship startup Mugger Co. was founded by Lynne, having heard the plea of a friend. She had just moved to the suburbs of Domain and was dissatisfied with the shopping options available to her. She longed for a store to indulge her creative side. Lynne, realizing this wasn't an isolated phenomenon, went on to build a lifestyle brand that catered to creative, educated and affluent 30-year-old women.
Branding, Advertising, Product Design
Healerr Grass - Cigarette Packaging
Presentation for a freelance Job proposal, requesting a hemp cigarette box and logo design. Mock-up brand "Healerr Grass Hemp Co."
Advertising, Branding, Product Design
Texturized art making showcase presentation
Presentation to show a simple photo manipulation workflow using the adobe suite.
Digital Art, Fine Arts, Print Design
Poster Catalog Vol 1
Digital poster design by using mix medium and Photoshop according to personal style & concept.
Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Print Design
Ghost Knight-(Brave Fox)
Game Design, Directing, Character Design
Little Fish - Android App
First published android app, Little Fish is a game concept for young Kids; Spreading awareness about ocean pollution while enjoying a fun game. Great for kids and adults!
Game Design, Programming, Product Design
Tutorial Builds Collection
Game Design, Programming, Art Direction
John Lemon Build
Game Design
Submarine Project
Cinema4D Experiance
Animation, Motion Graphics
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