~Ghost Knight~
 "2D + 3D Platformer Project"
Full Game Development pipeline project "Ghost Knight"
After developing the grey box prototype and boss fight scene, I have decided to use this as a template to create another action/adventure platformer game: Brave Fox.
Brave Fox is a story telling action game that applies the concepts I have learned here with a fun, relatable, original character. Keeping the same environment and game mechanics, I'm able to transform a standard template into an original, engaging adventure!
Platform Concept Art; "Made with Photoshop" Layered for using parallax effect in unity to achieve depth of field.
Grey Box 
Jumping and Shooting
Double Jump
Level Progressio
"Game Play" + "Boss Fight Scene"
About the Story
"Brave Fox"

The forest is on fire! Brave Fox must make his way through the forest fire, help his woodland friends, fight fire spirits, and discover the cause of the destruction before it's too late. 
This is a quest and cut-scene based platformer, with short animation movies to set the mood and engage the audience. 
"Brave Fox" Character Creation
Level Design Ideas and other approaches 
Using the 2DGamingKit and mixing with the Ghost Knight Concept to create the Brave Fox.
The above scene is a prototype of Level 1.

Assets swapped for prototyping. Full demonstration Level 1

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